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A water filtration system is the best way for homeowners to ensure their water is clean and safe for drinking or washing. A Whole House water filtration system is a great first step and is a proven method of eliminating the harmful elements in your water supply. Also, it will save you a small fortune in the long run. Read on, and discover more reasons why using an at-home water filtration system is the way to go.

The following is a list of some of the benefits that installing a water filtration system can bring to your home:

-remove fluoride from tap water
-optional salt-free water softeners that reduce scale without adding sodium to your water
-remove any silt, rust and sediment
-remoe heavy metals, such as copper-zinc, iron and chemicals like chlorine
-remove the contaminants that are known to cause the formation of soap scum, which will leave your home cleaner
-to be able to drink your homes tap water once more
-will make a world of difference in the taste and purity of your drinking water
-help get rid of hard water
-remove the calcium and magnesium and soften the water to prevent chalky deposits

A water filtration system is an essential part of protecting your water by removing extra impurities or even protecting you from a crisis should your water source be contaminated. Most filtration systems often entail the usage of membranes specifically applicable to micro filtration to remove all bacteria in the water where the particles larger than 0.

There is a huge environmental benefit to using an H2O filtration system, because you wont add more plastic bottles to the landfills.

A drinking water system at your sink or a whole-house water filtration system can both save you hundreds of dollars a year.

But, one of the biggest drawbacks to a water filtration system is its installation. Installing a home water filtration system isn’t a DIY project to take on and should be installed by a plumbing professional.

A whole house water filtration system is installed directly into the main water line, which is the main reason filtration systems often need to be installed by a professional plumber. . A filtration system is useful when you are getting your water from a well, lake, stream, or municipal system.

The most common types of whole house water filtration systems include:

Reverse Osmosis – This kind of filter cleans water used for multiple purposes. From drinking to washing, reverse osmosis can clean water effectively. The water travels through a membrane that catches the contamination, before being pumped back to your taps.
Carbon Filters – Water passing through the multiple layers of active carbon in these filters will come out crisp and clean.
Water Softeners – A water softener uses salts in a separate tank to neutralize damaging minerals including calcium and magnesium, making your water safe to use and drink. water filtration system

A water filtration system is the best way for homeowners to ensure their water is clean and safe for drinking or washing. But again, an entire home water filtration system is a costlier investment and must be installed by a pro.

AccuFlow Plumbing, Inc specializes in all whole house water filtration systems or just a simple filtration system at the sink. Call AccuFlow Plumbing (209)330-FLOW (3569) for more information as to what system would be the best choice for your household needs.

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